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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Acer one 14 fix not open Windows 10

#Acer one

Your laptop acer one 14 or other model: dell, asus,msi,lenovo,hp,toshiba,samsung running windows 10. and you dont use it a longtime. One day you open it and see like this.

Dont worry just do like this:
1. Press key ► to exit and move down choose Restore Defaults

press F4 choose yes of save configuration and exit ? press Enter. If your windows 10 is booting that ok. If not do next step.

2. Move key ► to Advanced choose Os selection move key▲ choose Legacy Os press Enter.Now move key ► to Security in Secure Boot press Enter choose Disable.

3. Now press F4 choose Yes and Enter

  Hi we're setting things up for you ☉_☉

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