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Monday, April 22, 2019

HP 15 da4006tu coca into the laptop

#Coca into the laptop

My customer has just bought a new laptop model Hp da4006tu just a few week. And his son spill coca into the laptop. He was bring it for warranty and they refuse it. So he bring it to me. HP da4006tu still run with blackscreen.
1. Remove all screws and take a look
2.Very bad now you need to remove battery,cable and clean all rust by alcohol

3.Now put mainboard back and plug all cable back ( no need battery).
4. Use your ac adapter and press power on, and see Cmos fail 502.Now that ok, just plug every thing back hdd,battery,cable,screws, press power on again and press enter it will be auto.

5. If your laptop still not power, please buy another mainboard cause water into laptop was make intel cpu die.


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