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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ransomware File Decryptor

March 24, 2019 0
   #Ransomware File Decryptor
I was try many tool to backup file for my customer,but i see this tool is still very good with me. Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor  free   100%
This is list ransomware they support to decryptor.
CryptXXX V1, V2, V3*{original file name}.crypt, cryp1, crypz, or 5 hexadecimal characters
CryptXXX V4, V5{MD5 Hash}.5 hexadecimal characters
TeslaCrypt V1{original file name}.ECC
TeslaCrypt V2{original file name}.VVV, CCC, ZZZ, AAA, ABC, XYZ
TeslaCrypt V3{original file name}.XXX or TTT or MP3 or MICRO
TeslaCrypt V4File name and extension are unchanged
SNSLocker{Original file name}.RSNSLocked
AutoLocky{Original file name}.locky
BadBlock{Original file name}
777{Original file name}.777
XORIST{Original file name}.xorist or random extension
XORBAT{Original file name}.crypted
CERBER V1{10 random characters}.cerber
Stampado{Original file name}.locked
Nemucod{Original file name}.crypted
Chimera{Original file name}.crypt
LECHIFFRE{Original file name}.LeChiffre
MirCopLock.{Original file name}
Jigsaw{Original file name}.random extension
Globe/PurgeV1: {Original file name}.purge
V2: {Original file name}.{email address + random characters}
V3: Extension not fixed or file name encrypted
DXXDV1: {Original file name}.{Original extension}dxxd
Teamxrat/XpanV2: {Original filename}.__xratteamLucked
Crysis.{id}.{email address}.xtbl, .{id}.{email address}.crypt, .{id}.{email addres}.dharma, .{id}.{email address}.wallet
TeleCrypt{Original file name}
WannaCry (WCRY){Original file name}.WNCRY, {Original file name}.WCRY
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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Best DNS 2019

March 10, 2019 0

Cloudflare - Speed and privacy, DNS over HTTPS:

Google Public DNS - Speed, DNS over HTTPS:

Quad9 - privacy, speed, malware filtering,DNSSEC:

OpenDNS - for home use (part of Cisco), providing DNSCrypt:

Norton ConnectSafe - for home use, does not provide DNS over HTTPS, DNSSEC or DNSCrypt:

How to change your computer dns network:Click icon conection internet > Click Open network and sharing center > click conections: Wireless net work conection status ( the same for Lan network) > click properties > Double click Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) > click use the following DNS sever addresses > now type any dns you want to use.

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